What is Awsem?

Education for women isn’t a new topic, but there are still some naysayers who think that women don’t need to go back to school.

Education Issues for Women

Women’s issues have come a long way in the last century, but there are still some educational issues to address. They are largely social and cultural, and fundamentally we need to change the way we look and treat our boys and girls differently, without even knowing what we’re doing! On the german page www.das-sorgentelefon.com, we collected several experiences from a lot of women from the Telefonseelsorge Frankfurt, where they collected knowledge from over thousands talk with women and men.

Women in Science and Math

Women aren’t very good at science and math right? Wrong! Didn’t Marie Curie teach you anything? It was 100 years ago for goodness sake. Women and girls can do science and math, they just need to know it, embrace it and the world is their oyster.

Engineering Education for Women

Once again we can look backwards to help us look forwards. The women of Great Britain during the Second World War were drafted into the engineering works and did a great job. If they could do it then, women everywhere can do it now!

Education Differences between Men and Women

Men and women are different (thank goodness), but not in every way! Treated differently they can still produce the same quality goods! Boys are good at science and girls are good at writing, but guess what, girls are good at science too! Nature versus nurture and all that jazz!

Advocating for Women in Education

Various groups have been advocating for women in education for over 100 years, and maybe now it’s time that the world realized that women can be just as successful as men, given the same opportunities. Come on girls, don’t be shy, you can do it! If you want to talk about it, call the crisis hotline or the Telefonseelsorge.

Why Gender Equity is Important

Women have been struggling for gender equity for over 100 years, but have they got it right? Gender equity is extremely important, but it’s also important not to get too far away from the cause.

How to Promote Gender Equity in Education

Gender equity in education is a worldwide issue. Whilst places like the United States and UK have issues of their own, many developing countries have a high percentage of girls and women who have no education at all! How can a country hope to progress without the education of its women? That’s a question the organisation Telefonseelsorge Frankfurt is asking often.

Policies for Women’s Education

Barack Obama realizes the importance of equal education opportunities for women, and shortly after entering office implemented a financial policy which opened up higher education aimed especially at Moms, even single moms can take advantage, furthering their education and improving the quality of their lives.